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  Why Orthopedic or Accommodative

It is a fact that most Americans expect their feet to hurt. How unfortunate that we elect to suffer and ignore the pain that is screaming through our bodies. One large reason for this is lack of awareness. We all go to the dentist regularly to keep our smiles pretty but we do far less to care for our feet. The health industry does not focus enough on foot care, perhaps because there is not enough money in it. For that matter, we all take care of our cars, putting on new tires and changing the oil. But what about our feet? Few people even talk about them. Today, if you complain enough, you might be facing surgery! OUCH!! How about a pair of custom shoes made just for you to bring back that comfort and mobility? After all, our feet are our foundation!

There are so many varied reasons why our feet may hurt and why we sometimes walk with difficulty. It may be as simple as ill fitting shoes. Sometimes we suffer from standing or walking on cement all day. Unnatural environments hurt our feet by increasing ground reaction forces. The most common issues we hear about are having a wide forefoot and narrow heel. It seems impossible for these people to find shoes that fit and feel good. This causes a cascade of other problems that many times manifest in other parts of the body, like knees, hips and spine.

Some people are born with built-in difficulties that may not show up until they are older. Issues of asymmetry like leg length discrepancies and scoliosis, and foot shapes such as high arches, hammer toes or extra wide feet can be hereditary. Commonly, the tendency for bunions runs in families.
At our shop we see an equally high number of injured or post surgical clients that can no longer function in a way they consider 'normal'. As our footwear is made one pair at a time for individuals, we are able to create the exact type of support, motion control or assistance they need. No matter how many pins you have in your feet or number of surgeries you have had, we can help.

Visit our Gallery and see if there is anything there that rings true to you.


Illness and diseases' such all arthritis, diabetes or lime disease also demand custom shoes. Our footwear is stylish and can be made as soft, flexible and unobtrusive as you need. We will design the shoes to avoid the regular hot spots on your feet and take off the pressure. Since they are custom, they will naturally flex with your feet, no more fighting your shoes when you walk. The toe box can be as high or wide as you desire to allow the room they need. With proper care, these shoes will remain soft and comfortable for you for years.
If you suffer from any of these difficulties, our custom orthopedic footwear can help you regain the life you want to live.





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