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  People are usually quite thrilled when they find us. Many have been anxious because they have been searching, without luck, for a solution to their discomfort. Most times we hear a similar tale where folks have been unable to find relief, coupled with the facts that many times no one understands what they are going through and frequently no one wants to really take the time out to listen to their stories.

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At Deer Ridge Footwear, we believe that by really listening to what you have to say we can begin to understand what is going on, what may or may not have worked and what your goals are regarding comfort and mobility. If your goal is to simply park the car in "handicapped parking" to go into the store to buy a newspaper, we will put everything into trying to make this happen for you. If you are trying to maintain a 5 mile daily walk, go for a hike in the mountains or run a 10K race we will be devoted to getting you going.
Please take a moment out to read a few lines from our customers or listen to a couple of the short video clips to get to know what these people think.

Dallas P- Albuquerque, NM:
"Well, I would say that my feet now feel better hiking and backpacking than they did thirty years ago, but actually, even thirty years ago they hurt more than they do now, and that is no exaggeration. I took two backpacking trips to the Sierra Nevadas last summer, and had no neuroma pain, no sore foot bottoms, nothing at all from the old list of grievances. It is so very true that I cannot thank you enough!".


Nancy H- Baltimore, Maryland:
"They are so comfortable that I don’t want to remove them from my feet! Any regrets? Yes—that I (a devout daily walker) hadn’t discovered her shoes earlier!"

Ron W- Farmington, CT:
"I've worn lots of boots over the years, there was no break-in needed just a soft, firm feel step to step. It’s the way to go."

Connie H- Hanover, NH:
“You are amazing!! The proof of her ingenuity is on my feet at this very moment.”

Debbie U- Syracuse, NY:
“I never had a chance to write you to tell you...the ORTHOTICS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! Thank you so much for fitting them to my shoes.”

Vicki M- Wilton, CT:
"Lightweight, supportive- a joy to run in!"

Jack D- Boston, MA:
"They are excellent! Not surprisingly, I have already gone through a set of soles and heals since I rarely wear anything else for work."

Laura G- Phoenix, AZ:
"I love them and won't part with them!"

Mark M (M.D.)- Vacaville, CA:
"I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful shoes! As you know, I suffered from chronic back pain for years. After wearing your shoes for two weeks, my pain was completely gone!! I can't wait to receive my second pair!! I have recommended your services to my colleagues and patients."






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